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Special Services

Special Services

No one agency can supply every service a client might need. That is why we maintain a network of people and companies who are the best in class of their particular specialty. The services we have access to include

  • DNA Testing
  • Electronic sweeps
  • Computer forensics
  • Narcotics Testing
  • Genealogy

DNA testing

There may come a point in an investigation where biological samples need to be recovered and tested to move the investigation forward. We have investigators who are trained and experienced in the proper identification, collection, packaging and transporting of these materials. We also have a relationship with an internationally recognized lab, used by many law enforcement agencies, to develop the necessary DNA profiles. The uses of DNA are constantly evolving but current uses include investigations concerning, paternity, adultery, theft, assault or genealogy. This can be an expensive procedure - do not waste your money by having this evidence collected by untrained investigators. Your results may not be admissible in court if all of the necessary procedures are not followed.

Electronic sweeps

Devices that cost thousands of dollars just a few years ago are now available to the average consumer. If you suspect that your privacy is being invaded we can have a trained, experienced investigator conduct an electronic sweep for unwanted devices. This is an expensive proposition if done correctly. We will work with you to evaluate the actual need for this service before engaging an electronic countermeasures expert.

Computer forensics

Computers, smartphones, tablets etc. now play a critical role in many peoples lives. They may also contain evidence of theft, infidelity, or other misconduct. This evidence must be collected by competent technicians who understand not just the science but also the laws governing these devices. As we conduct our investigation we will identify possible targets for examination and determine their significance to the case and if they can legally be examined by our team. If so we will contact experienced experts who will recover the information stored on the device using a legally defensible method so what we recover can be used in court if needed.

Narcotics testing

If you have reason to suspect that a loved one or employee is using illegal narcotics or legal prescription medication illegally we will obtain samples, overtly or covertly and have them tested by a competent lab. Armed with actual information not suspicion you can decide on appropriate next steps.

Genealogical Investigations

Interest in genealogy has increased in the last few years. It can be a fun hobby or can determine the fate of estates. Web based searches are just the beginning of an investigation. Information gleaned there needs to be confirmed and investigative inferences made from the data to conduct a complete search. Experts in specific countries and regions may need to be consulted for particular expertise and records may need to be retrieved in person across the country or around the world. We have access to true experts in this field and can conduct these investigations for you or help you if you reach an obstacle in your own investigation. When your investigation uncovers possible unknown relatives we can help you locate their contact information.

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